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Football? I Don't Get It but That's Okay...Backfield in Motion

Personally? I don't follow football, way too much of head bashing, Footballinjuries, gazillions of dollars and idolizing of individuals for me. I plain don't get it but it also doesn't offend me. My brothers and father were all big time football fans spending many Sundays yelling at the television. Thankfully they didn't do the face and body painting of team colors.
Never thought I'd say this but...some of my best friends like football. They are all consumed right now with the hoopla lead up to the Super Bowl.  Right now it seems it is a toss up as to whether or not it will be played on the traditional day because of the all encompassing frigid temperatures. Apparently there is a bright side though, I heard on the news that because of the weather the tickets have plummetted in price by around $900 bringing them to the ever so much more affordable price of $1600 to $3000! Say What?????
Nope, I just don't get it but it does seem to be a good opportunity to get groovy new snack recipes. :-)
So, whenever football season rolls around for what ever reason, my brain travels to the mid to late 60s. My Dad was in the F.B.I. Academy atCandy Cigarettes the time and my mother took my three brothers and me to live near my Grandmother and Aunt in Detroit. This would have been Junior High for me. Sandy Jones was my best friend ever (at the time). We walked to school together. This was also when kids could buy candy cigarettes. The air Transistor Radiowas so cold that we would pretend to be smoking and exhale vapor into the air. We thought we looked so cool...and probably did, lol. We also carried a transistor radio that we'd have to keep hidden during the day while at school. This was one of our favorite songs. We were just two skinny teenage girls walking and dancing our way to school smoking pretend cigarettes singing out loud.
Not a bad memory at all. Wherever you are Sandy Jones of East Detroit, Michigan, I hope you found success and happiness for you surely made me happy being friends for that one short year.

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