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A Life of Its Own...Blogging Carries On - Who Knew?!?

I said to myself, "Self, they're all going to forget about you if you don't get back to ActiveRain.  All that great discipline you taught yourself when you were active is all just going to fizzle away.  What the hell's the matter with you?".


The reality is that I've been thinking about blog fodder on an almost daily basis now for months. Months! Blah, blah, many inconsequential excuses for not getting back on the horse.  Anyway, the topic I'd chosen to write about isn't the one I'm writing about today!  I signed back in, fully expecting to have to produce 3 forms of identification and present a note from my mother but that wasn't the case at all.


Here I sit at the computer just like before, next to the sliding glass doors looking at the dogs and the mountain view wondering if I will figure out the new (to me) format and questioning if anyone will read me again!  Color me beyond humbled that in my hiatus there have been people following, reading and commenting on my posts from before slacker status gripped me with its incapacitating grip.


How rude must everyone think I've become!  I haven't thanked followers, answered questions or replied to comments in a ridiculously long time.  Mea culpa for sure and I am so sorry.


I still keep a link to ActiveRain in my email signature that clients tell me doesn't work. Obviously, I am in bad need of a little remedial AR University training as well as some mentoring from my friends and #Bob Stewart.  No doubt his baby is in his senior year of high school by now!


Here's me committing to myself to getting back to what I truly have missed, writing relevant and irrelevant content on a regular basis. Talk with you soon!

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