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Working for The Weekend...Monday Melodies

Don't you find that the line between work week and weekend gets pretty blurred?  Certainly that's the case if you are a full time real estate agent but there are so many other jobs and professions that it is rare to have a full weekend to yourself.  While it isn't unusual for me to work on the weekends, I do try to keep caught up so I am sort of working for the weekends.


Sometimes I schedule clients for the weekend because Saturdays or Sundays are the only times available to them to work and I'll do that with no resentment at all.  I learned a long time ago that if I feel resentment working within the constraints of a client's schedule that I need to look deeper into that particular relationship! Now, I can happily say that never happens.  Of course, much of that has to do with the initial interview when we all get to understand each other's expectations OF each other! Yes, I'll work on weekends but give me the courtesy of advance notice and don't get your feelings hurt if you wait until Friday afternoon to find out I may already have commitments for those two days.


Like many agents, I really do need to make a living but I also have a very full life that I embrace.  Full lives take a bunch of time!  We live on a property that I love but only because I participate in taking care of it.  Not only do I sell homes but I co-own one as well. There are chores, lots and lots of chores. Grass needs cutting, clothes need washing, house needs cleaning, dogs need attention, sometimes rooms need painting and things need repairing.  There are things besides chores that I can't wait to do. Gardening, canning, food dehydrating, photography, reading, staying healthy, cooking, thrifting, keeping in touch with family and friends, attending live plays and going to concerts and taking advantage of learning opportunities on any of these things are just a fraction of things I like to do.


Since I am fortunate to control (in a flexible kind of way) my appointments and schedule, I'm not limited to only doing some of these things on the weekend.  Hence, no resentment if I choose to schedule clients on the weekends!  To be sure though, there is no lack of things to keep myself busy or amused over any given weekend.


Last week, this song kept going through my head because I was working hard to keep the weekend clear to attend the Mother Earth News Festival in Asheville, NC. I still handled business by phone but I also got to learn about sourdough bread, growing sweet potatoes, planning a garden with preserving food in mind, growing garlic and onions and a host of other things.  We'd purchased advanced tickets so this would have been a great example of not being able to change plans at the last minute to show properties!


I hope your weekend was as grand as ours was and now you can listen to this song while making plans for your next weekend as well.  Have a great week.


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