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Crisp and Clear, Straighten Up and Fly Right!

Weather is rarely a surprise anymore, predictions are made so far in advance.  Here in the mountains of Western North Carolina we can certainly have variety from one county to another, from the valleys to the mountains and from the towns to the country.  Today though, we all woMonicas Sparkly Giftke up to crisp and clear weather.  It is an extraordinary morning.  This may not have been a surprise but it is unusually early for this kind of weather.

The thermometer showed 39 degrees today. No wind and now the sun is out and things will warm up nicely and quickly.  This morning when I went out
 on the deck to pour water into the dog bowls, our little sun metal art that I fondly refer to as "Monica's Gift" was bedecked with sparkling webs.  What I love about this piece is that by tomorrow it will look completely different but for today, it was totally a photo opportunity.

So, as I was thinking about crisp and clear, I thought about what the day holds in store for me.  So far, crisp and clear schedule. Get into the office and prepare for an afternoon of showing houses.  Musically speaking though, the day puts me in mind of Linda Ronstadt and her amazing crisp and clear voice from a few years ago.  Sadly I couldn't find a video of her performing this song but close your eyes and you can imagine it.  Sadly too that because of her illness, she can no longer perform at all but we can all celebrate that she left the world a wealth of incredible performances.

Have a great week!



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