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I've Been Down the Rabbit Hole First Thing This Morning

When I first got my real estate license it came as a complete surprise that the profession of real estate is actually stepping from one rabbit hole into another and another and another.  I've gotten used to the rabbit holes and have even learned to appreciate them since they absolutely keep my way of making a living from becoming boring.  I'm glad though that my mother made sure we were literate children because it occurs to me that if I'd never read Watership Down, I'd have no clue what the meaning of the term "rabbit hole" even means!


Today's early morning rabbit hole has somewhat something to do with real estate but it has more to do with blogging intentional real estate content.  It gets a bit more complicated when you want to post something specific to real estate and trying to wrap it up in an attractive and worthwhile product.  There should be a certain number of words but not so many that people glance at your post and immediately ignore it and dismiss it as yawn worthy.  Hyperlinks, nicely balanced paragraph structure with an easily read font are also definite pluses.  Correctly spelled words and properly conjugated verbs as well as smartly executed use of grammar and punctuation almost assures the writer of a decent following of readers.


Almost...but not quite.  Pictures and artwork folks, readers like their eyes to get a thorough physical workout!  That's where the rabbit hole comes in this morning.  My thought was to write a post about referrals to various professional service people...and I'll still do that, maybe tomorrow.  I got caught up in hunting clip art for the article.  So many distractions!  There isn't much in the way of gender equality in the images, so right away I got sort of ... yeah, let's say it ... pissed off that all of the images of inspectors, surveyors, attorneys, etc. were male. 


Okay, setting that aside for a minute...while sifting through clip art I kept finding ideas for future interesting (hopefully) posts as well.  Before I knew it an hour and a half had flown by and I realized if I didn't climb out of the rabbit hole soon, I'd miss the vet appointment for Riddick (one of the lab brothers), I'd miss my appointment with another agent to pick up a copy of the survey the attorney needs me to bring to her, then there's the showing appointment, phone calls to return, a contract folder to put together, picking Riddick back up from the vet and meeting friends for dinner and a movie!


So, even though I'm sitting here in the comfort of the house and listening to bird song outside, looking at the mountain view and enjoying the 62 degree weather ... that rabbit hole this morning gave me quite a workout!


I'll be starting the rest of the day in a few minutes and am wishing the rest of you smooth tunneling as you navigate your own rabbit holes this morning.

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