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So Many Moving Parts to Every Real Estate Transaction

Most really good real estate agents never have to caution their clients to strapReal Estate Transactions are Bumpy Rides in for a bumpy ride once a real estate contract gets signed.  The reason being is that the really good real estate agents are hard at work making all the moving parts operate together smoothly.


This post will pertain mostly to the buyer's side of the transaction since with the exceptions of determining a good listing price and keeping a house in showing shape as well as knowing the condition of their home, the transaction typically isn't as fraught with as many out of pocket expenses and details to attend to as the buyers.


If a buyer hasn't hired an agent who insists demands that the buyer takes care of the lender portion of the house buying process then that buyer may actually get saddle sore from a bumpy ride.  No, it isn't fun or sexy filling out all those forms or hunting down the pay stubs and other necessary paperwork but it is the cornerstone to ensuring the rest of the process isn't all for nothing.  Never put the cart before the horse on this. Your financial portion is the most major moving part and aside from recommending qualified lendersto you, it is the only moving part your agent can't help you with.


I've written recently about the need to count your pennies when buying a house but I never told you how you access all those various service providers.  The best agents are usually those with sufficient business acumen to understand the value of networking.


Even though I became licensed in 2004, I'd already been self-employed in a couple of businesses so I entered real estate already knowing the importance of networking and surrounding myself with service providers I knew I could count on.  Every buyer I work with can rest assured they won't be floundering when it comes time to select their home inspector, pest inspector, closing attorney, home owners insurance agency, surveyor, repair people, contractors, plumbers, electricians or anyone else they may need.  These categories all have more than one choice.  Buyers need to hire people who will communicate with them in a manner they are comfortable with and those whose schedules will mesh with the buyers' deadline commitments.


Ultimately the buyer will select the service provider of their choice from the recommendations...another moving part dealt with.  Once those choices are made, I make sure the providers have access to the home and stay in touch with them for the results of the various tasks or inspections. Boom...moving part.  The results are reviewed with the buyers and decisions are made with the next move in mind.  If further inspections are required, it gets handled.  If negotiations are the property step, that also gets handled.  If the results make the transaction a poor choice for the buyers, then the moving part of termination is completed.  If all results make the future look rosy then onward and upward we move towards closing!


Some transactions have more moving parts than others.  Being prepared to anticipate them and staying calm in the process is essential to a successful relationship between agent and buyer is the single most important ingredient in this profession.  It is also the ONLY way to smoothly operate the moving parts.  Have a great day! This is me signing off to coordinate a day chock full of moving parts!



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