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No Matter How Busy...There's Always Bird Song...Real Estate in NC

So...again with the week or so absence from blogging?  What's my excuse this time?  Easy...working for the mantra "Fortune Smiles On Those Who Work Their Bottoms Off".  The last couple of months have been fraught with bottom working for sure.  All of the real estate components at play - buyers, sellers, CMAs, photos, measurements, offers, contracts, listings and client counseling. On the personal front, there's been a "project" to complete with an area of the house - finally done, yay.  Never mind that it is also planting and growing season in the mountains of Western NC which for me means raised beds, keeping the jungle of the woods back from the property and mowing the green stuff (not really "grass") we fondly refer to as our lawn from growing taller than the dogs! 


I knew last night that I would be posting daily this week so early this morning when I was checking the newly re-potted tomatoes, I mused about which music video would match my mood and activity level.  The birds are singing and conversing quite vociferously as they do every morning and BOOM there it choice for the morning, Rockin' Robin!  I like the beat and if I'm going to make it successfully through the upcoming week, I'll need that rhythm to help me rock and bop along.  Wish me luck on two offers, processing some new photos on a new listing and hitting the right tone with a blog post about that listing.


Have  a great week yourselves!


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No Matter How Busy… There's Always Bird Song… Real Estate in NC
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