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Don't Be The Agent Who Waits Until the Last Minute!

Again...yes, I'm back again, to posting.  It won't be elegant with photos, graphics and fancy fonts...not yet but let's go.


What did it take this time?  How about a little irritation and frustration with a couple of transactions over the last few months.  Who gets hurt?  Our clients!  Our buyers and sellers.


Buyers and sellers do hire us to make their transactions run smoothly.  Smoothly doesn't happen without special effort from the agents and cooperation from the clients.


For example?  Well, when is the best time to help your buyer complete their Due Diligence?  If your answer is 4:00pm on the final day of Due Diligence, please consider remedial training of some sort because that answer is wrong, wrong, wrong.  Especially if a request for repair assistance is involved.  No one in the sphere of this transaction needs this kind of stress.  The seller is not going to feel accommodating, I promise.  The listing agent's job just got much harder and human nature will dictate remembering the buyer's agent in an unflattering manner and any subsequent transactions are likely to involve heavy oversight by one agent over the other.


Another example?  How about requests to extend Due Diligence or Settlement Dates? Right before the agreed upon date arrives? NO, NO, NO!  Buyer agents run the risk of the seller saying  uhm no.  They can also run the risk of sellers agreeing only if the buyer absorbs additional seller expenses caused by the delay.


No time for more examples...although we all have plenty!  I am calmed down, rant over but the bottom line is we all must take our responsibilities seriously.  We are licensed to protect the public not harm them.


Am I the only agent to have witnessed this behavior?

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